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Samples of my Work


Work Sample #01: A promotional video I worked on for ARC to promote their program ARC Edge.

Work Sample #02: A promotional video created to be an introduction to RTU and ARC that explains the programs and shows brief samples of three instructors.  The video was created to be put to DVD and repeatedly looped (the logo appears briefly at the end which is where the DVD repeats) at conferences.

Work Sample #03: This video is snippets of the instructors I’ve worked with and it shows the variety of different kinds of lectures I’ve filmed.

Work Sample #04: A never released video for what was planned to be an ongoing podcast called “Radiation Truth”.  This was created for RTU & ARC to be a free podcast that would promote both and educate/enlighten.

Work Sample #05: A promotional video composed of footage from RTU’s Boot Camp week during the Spring of 2012.  Begins with live footage of instructors lecturing and working with students.  Concludes with the festive lunch and dinner attended by instructors, students and faculty.

Work Sample #06: A promotional video for RTU’s Graduate Program.

Work Sample #07: A promotional video created to promote RTU to Kazakhstan was made available in an English Version and a Russian-Dubbed Version.  This video shows a brief sampling of each.